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Sports Events

A powerful tool for socio-economic progress. India is not only known for its traditions but also for sports. We aim to organize sports events for the development of healthy well-being to provide livelihood opportunities to define a better sports infrastructure.

The Helping Brother Cancer Foundation Trust has a cherished history of contribution to the development of sport in India. With the help of sports, we are also allowing youngsters from rural and tribal communities to discover new livelihood opportunities. We are incubating sports events at the ground level to nurture local talent.

The idea is to identify a sport that is popular in local regions to attain attention from gully guys and offer them an opportunity while fostering their talent at the required level to promote excellence in that sport. Apart from investment in infrastructure and up-gradation of tools collaboration with state governments, local partners and sponsors are other vital aspects of the sports domain, and this has been taken care of by the Trusts.

The Helping Brother Cancer Foundation Trust has aligned with various renowned experts to provide elite coaching through its dedicated centers of excellence. This will also be a great initiative for budding talent for international events. To make sure the development of each individual at personal and professional level Trusts has decided to deliver academic education to all young participants while they will be receiving sports in a term.

Through sports events, we are not only providing career opportunities to sporting youth in these regions but also building a creative ecosystem that will aid in the holistic development of the youngsters.