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What We Do

Covid-19 told us how much we need to improve in the medical field in the last 2 years we witnessed the world’s worst situation ever we have lost our friends, many have lost their jobs and defiantly our freedom to go anywhere we want to move freely without any fear but still, the flames of hopes are alive.
The virus brought many people to their knees the situation was so bad that there were people who were not able to fulfill their basic needs and as a social organization we HBCF stepped up to help people HBCF identified that the most important problem is food many people were not able to arrange food for themself and their family. We are happy to say that HBCF has helped more than 1000+ people by providing them proper meals and we are still on we will not stop until everything become’s normal we are providing support to the needy by helping them in every way possible for us.

The Challenges

Even helping others is Nobel work but this time the situation was not similar to before because we knew one mistake was enough to put many lives in danger but HBCF is happy to say that there has been no causality in this process of helping people. Another problem was to reach these people because even at this hard time human greed was not stopping there were many people who were trying to keep their own buffer stock of food and we wanted to reach the people who were actually in need but our team was good enough to solve this problem also.

Covid Awareness

HBCF the best cure to any disease is to have knowledge about that disease and in this disease knowing only about how to prevent this disease is not enough you should know another thing also HBCF want people to know every single info that can change their current situation people should know about all the schemes made by government and about an organization like HBCF for example for the people who lost their job should know about all the government schemes for employment and even we are offering many career option for unemployed people and in the same way the people who lack food should know about the food given by the government.

Helping Today Helping Tomorrow

Our Target

We want to help everyone to get out of this pandemic safely and all want is trust and faith of the people we are trying to do everything we can do safely whether it’s distributing food or spreading awareness human life is our top priority and we do everything to save all the lives as possible.