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Cancer Awareness

Over the past few decades, the momentum of the Cancer vertical has been increased India ranks 3rd in the number of blood cancer patients after America and China. So, we half have decided to fight against this disease. We aim to help underprivileged and needy people by providing them information on the various treatments available for defeating Cancer, by helping them financially followed by sharing a secure environment for living a normal and healthy life.

The Strategy

We follow a pronged strategy to defeat Cancer at a very initial stage. From strengthening the capacities of health care units to engaging with NTPC for reducing the usage of tobacco we are working hard flawlessly to discontinue the spread of this hazardous disease.
Our volunteers are actively spreading real-time information and precautionary steps to spread cancer awareness among rural or underprivileged areas. With time it has become even more important to develop awareness programs by conducting various seminars, theater plays, cultural programs rallies, storytelling, etc.
The Helping Brother Cancer Foundation Trust has aimed to expunge Cancer from the universe and to do so various high-quality care units, awareness early detection measures, and affordable care has been launched so if diseases reach your home you can get rid of it with best treatment and without losing all your savings.
In India, the cases of cancer are increasing rapidly, therefore it’s important to spread awareness among people and make them literate & knowledgeable about its hazardous impact.
To do so, the Trusts has decided to start a “Cancer Awareness Campaigns” in various villages, small towns & cities.
Through these awareness campaigns, our mission will be to make people aware of its symptoms, treatment procedures and how will they get financial support from the trust till the disease gets cured completely.

Cancer Awareness

Objective of the Cancer Awareness Campaign are :

1. Conduct cancer awareness campaigns to remove the stigma and fear attached to it.
2. People about the importance of an regular screening and a check-up sessions.
3. Organize sessions for people to make them understand the early signs and symptoms of cancer.
4. Guide them to seek treatment at an early stage for early recovery.
5. Educate people about the key risk factors, since more than 30% of cases could be prevented by modifying a healthy lifestyle.