You would agree that the global population is increasing and the world is aging. Now the latest cancer report released by the ICMR and NCDIR, Bengaluru confirms the sharp increase in India’s cancer cases, estimating that it could further increase by 12% in the next five years. The World Cancer Report said in India in 2018-19, there are about 1.16 million new cancer cases, and more than 780,000 deaths due to cancer.
In India, the 6 most common cancer types were breast cancer, oral cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, and colorectal cancer.
Breast Cancer & Cervical Cancer is rapidly rising amongst women in urban areas where Cervical Cancer is the second most common cancer in India.

Oral and Lung cancers are highest among men and women in both urban and rural areas.

Therefore, making people aware of eating healthy, or living a healthy lifestyle, avoiding tobacco, etc is not only important but also a societal need.

To make people aware of its hazardous impact government has launched various health care schemes and is doing so many Cancer Awareness Campaigns too. The outcome of these campaigns is kind of wonderful in delivering the right amount of information as it’s important to remove the stigma and fear attached to it.

To do so, Helping Brother trust has decided to help people recognize the early signs and symptoms of cancer by running cancer campaigns in towns & villages. The process will not only include diagnosing symptoms and treatment measures but will also provide financial support to the sufferer. It will also help in enabling patients to seek treatment at an early stage.

Cancer awareness campaigns is one of the best ways when it comes to making the Indian population aware of the symptoms, treatment procedure, and financial supports. It is important to dispel the myths that people wrongly believe about cancer and its symptoms. It’s important to make them aware of the signs and symptoms, and the importance of screening for early detection. Though it’s 2021, there are villages and small towns where people still not agreeing with health screening as they found it all useless. however, these campaigns are very helpful in making them understand the importance of screening.

It is also vital to follow a healthy lifestyle, and sharing survivor stories gives a message of hope and confidence. All this in one frame helps the sufferer to deal with the current situation, hence it’s important to come out and talk about it. those who have suffered from it and have dealth with it successfully must come out for others and support them by sharing their Cancer suffering story.

There are few basic things that one can do in their day-to-day life to get a Healthy Lifestyle

01. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day
02. Avoid or limit alcohol consumption
03. Practice exercise daily
04. Go out for a walk in fresh air
05. Do not smoke or chew tobacco
06. Eat plenty of fruits, fresh vegetables & grains
07. Drink at least 2ltr of water daily
08. Maintain a healthy body weight as per your age
09. Get screened and do medical check-up regularly

And, most importantly, do talk about Cancer with your kids, family & everyone around you because you’re strong enough to fight through it, right??