You can earn anything money opportunity success everything except health. It’s not a thing that will come to you in one day it takes months to become a healthy person but now humans are ready to sacrifice such a precious thing for money and frame but there’s nothing you can do when you lose health even the best doctor in the world can only make you disease-free but not healthy getting rid of diseases not make you healthy because once it is gone it will never come back again. Many of us think that we are physically fit so we can declare ourselves a healthy person but being only mentally fit is also very much necessary. For being mentally fit yoga and mediation is the best option we will talk about them more briefly later, for now, let’s talk about some facts and stats in the year 2019 the death rate in India was about 7% but in the year 2020 it suddenly reached to 8% arise in a very small time about. At least one person in the group of three is suffering from any disease. The number of cancer patients is increasing day by day and the same goes with heart patients the rapid growth in diseases is sweeping out a lot of humans. The Covid virus showed us how things can go when we ignore our personal health. Trees plants and other natural things act as a booster for our health but unfortunately, we all know what we did to nature so maybe it’s time to value the quote health is wealth we need to follow this quote we must make health our first priority and also we need the support of nature and luckily that also depends on us so whether we want to live a long and peaceful life or short and painful life it totally depends on our action, so we have to decide what we have to do.