Being mentally fit yoga and mediation

Being mentally fit yoga and mediation

You can earn anything money opportunity success everything except health. It’s not a thing that will come to you in one day it takes months to become a healthy person but now humans are ready to sacrifice such a precious thing for money and frame but there’s nothing you can do when you lose health even the best doctor in the world can only make you disease-free but not healthy getting rid of diseases not make you healthy because once it is gone it will never come back again. Many of us think that we are physically fit so we can declare ourselves a healthy person but being only mentally fit is also very much necessary. For being mentally fit yoga and mediation is the best option we will talk about them more briefly later, for now, let’s talk about some facts and stats in the year 2019 the death rate in India was about 7% but in the year 2020 it suddenly reached to 8% arise in a very small time about. At least one person in the group of three is suffering from any disease. The number of cancer patients is increasing day by day and the same goes with heart patients the rapid growth in diseases is sweeping out a lot of humans. The Covid virus showed us how things can go when we ignore our personal health. Trees plants and other natural things act as a booster for our health but unfortunately, we all know what we did to nature so maybe it’s time to value the quote health is wealth we need to follow this quote we must make health our first priority and also we need the support of nature and luckily that also depends on us so whether we want to live a long and peaceful life or short and painful life it totally depends on our action, so we have to decide what we have to do.

The Fungal Epidemic – What You Should Know

The Fungal Epidemic – What You Should Know

Since the onset of the second wave, many states have declared lockdown to help prevent the further spread of Covid however, as the peak seems to subside another epidemic has started ravaging India. Mucormycotic, colloquially known as black fungus has seen a significant rise in the second wave unlike the first and has been declared an epidemic in many states across India. As of 25th May 2021, about 11,700 cases of black fungus have been reported.[1] Amidst this dread, reports of white fungus started surfacing followed by reports of yellow fungus which has instilled confusion and panic amongst the general public about these infections.

First things first, these fungal infections are caused by Mucoromycetes, a group of molds belonging to the scientific order Morales and aren’t contagious in most cases. The colloquial names of these infections (i.e. Black, White and Yellow) come from their symptoms and the type of infection they cause in the body:

1. Black Fungus is the infection where mucoromycetes infest the sinuses and bones of the face and invade the brain or cause patients to lose an eye. The symptoms may range from pain on the side of face, toothache to discoloration of nose.
2. White fungus has fewer reported cases but is more lethal because mucoromycetes damage vital organs such as the brain, the digestive system, respiratory organs, kidneys and even private parts.[5] The symptoms are similar to Covid-19 and range from breathlessness to chest pain, headaches and even swelling.
3. Yellow fungus is also an infection caused by Mucoromycetes, however it usually affects reptiles and has come out as an unprecedented and opportunist infection in humans. Micro septic’s is difficult to diagnose as its effects are more internal and not visible. Common symptoms include lethargy, weight loss and lack of appetite which becomes severe as sunken eyes, pus leakage, slow healing of wounds, organ failure and necrosis (tissue death)

The intravenous antifungal drug, Amphotericin B is used for the treatment of fatal fungal infections.

Mucoromycetes are found throughout the environment, from soil to any decaying matter. Most people are exposed to it daily and under normal circumstances, the chances of getting a fungal infection are extremely rare. People who are at risk of infection are those that have weakened immune systems or are on immunosuppressants (such as corticosteroids). Diabetes mellitus is the most common risk factor, followed by blood cancer and solid-organ transplant. Other emerging risk factors are pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic kidney disease, critically ill patients and trauma (serious injuries).[8] Since fungi require damp environment to grow, preventive measures are keeping rooms well ventilated, clean and dry. Clothes and masks should be cleaned and changed regularly as well. Proper disposal of organic waste can also help prevent infections.

Coronavirus Vaccine: Is Covishield better than Coaxing or vice versa?

Coronavirus Vaccine: Is Covishield better than Coaxing or vice versa?

Since the vaccine dose was approved for the coronavirus it all gave a huge sense of relief to all. The government has issued an effective plan for running a vaccination campaign in all rural and urban areas of Indian.
As per the plan, the process of giving vaccination will start with healthcare workers, first responders, and essential leaders in the government. Next will come to higher risk, including the elders.

And finally, it will come to the population at large. The plan has a special concern for the poor and homeless community and people with an underlying condition that could make them more vulnerable.

Following the same here are some points, you must learn about Coronavirus Vaccine:-

Talking about the difference between both Coaxing & Covishield is that both were developed similarly. The only major difference is that Covishield has passed through all 3 stages of testing & Coaxing, which was developed by Bharat Biotech is still in the last stage of study.

Both of the vaccines work to build up the antibody count in the body. This will help in alerting the body to unleash protective defense whenever a further attack is suspected.

Side-effect of Coaxing

Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech is the face for discovering Coaxing, also known as an inactive version of the virus. According to fact sheet declared by the company specifies that a list of mild symptoms are what expected once one had Covaxin.
Some of the side-effects that have been noticed are includes low grade temperature, vomiting, headache, redness in arm, fatigue, weakness and pain at injection site.
But no extreme or rigid affect has been noticed so far. Also, Biotech has confirmed that there is a very less chance of developing unusual reaction like difficulty in breathing, swelling, extreme rashes etc.

Side-effect of Covishield:

Covishield was introduced in India via the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine and was one of the first competitors in the race. It’s also the one that has been largely considered a safe vaccine to use.

But that doesn’t mean that there’s no anti symptoms to it. As far as now there’s a list of symptoms that has been noticed and highlighted by company itself. And, the list of symptoms includes nausea, lumps, fatigue, brushing, fever, itching, malaise, muscle ache.
But severe side-effects such as high temperature, nervous problem, coughing, anaphylaxis are rare but possible symptoms.

Although most of the side-effects are treatable including the serious ones, if the person will get medical help on time. However milder symptoms are curable at home and it’s just a matter of 3 to 4 days and do not required much attention.

With this it’s time to wrap up over the discussion of Coaxing and Covishield. But we will come up with more of interesting information on COVID-19 and Vaccination. Till then Stay safe & Get vaccinated

5 Ways to stay safe from COVID-19

5 Ways to stay safe from COVID-19

So far so long too much has been said and assumed about the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe but unfortunately, countries are failing to figure out how we can end this spreadable disease. As some of the offices and business are re-open and people opt to leave their homes hence it becomes very crucial for all of us to take proper precautionary measures.
With COVID-19 cases still a reality, it becomes very important to remember the basic principles that we can take to halt the community spread of the pandemic.

Here are the best five ways to stay safe from COVID-19 :

Wear a double facemask :

Since COVID-19 has happened the very first urge that has come from the team of experts and WHO is to wear a mask. Wearing a face mask when you leave your home is a form of social responsibility too. By doing so you won’t only protect yourself but also help others – by not becoming a virus carrier.

Maintain Social Distancing

Wearing a mask is one step but another major way through which we can reduce the effect of the coronavirus is by maintaining 6-feet of distance from all. For our communities with strong family ties it’s very much understood that’s it’s quite difficult but we have to find ways to deal with it. Avoid going to crowded areas, shopping malls, and restaurants.

As the second wave of the coronavirus has affected many lives hence we need to understand that that restricting our outside movement is the only way to defeat this virus. Also, unnecessarily going outside may inadvertently expose you to the virus that causes COVID-19. And, because everyone’s risk is different, we need to maintain physical distance at all times and look after each other.

Wash your hands frequently

Wearing gloves is a false kind of security especially in such a scenario when you don’t know how and when you accidentally expose yourself to this virus. To avoid all such situations better go and wash your hands frequently.

And as per the latest medicated record – all must wash their hands with best-medicated soap followed by rubbing it for and around 50 to 60 seconds.
Also, wearing gloves could be a good option but for situations like when you are out for grocery shopping or visiting the hospital for some reason, etc.

If you must, gather outside

While staying at home is still highly recommended, if you’re going to be a part of a gathering, do it outside. The corona cases are on peak – so avoid all sorts of gathering but still, if you do it then doing it outside is highly recommended. While still maintaining distance and wearing a face covering.

Don’t share your food or drinks

Tho we all have practiced sharing is caring but avoid doing it till the time we won’t get rid of this havoc virus. Whether you are having a meal at home or in a restaurant or have joined a get-together avoid sharing your meal or drinks with anyone or everyone as it’s the best way of avoiding cross-contamination. Contagious saliva droplets from an ill person or person carrying the virus unknowingly, can land onto food or drinks or even on utensils. Therefore everyone should bring their food and drink.

That’s all, we all need to understand that this virus is still around us and hasn’t gone anywhere not even partially. Hence we need to take care of ourselves and on our own by following all these COVID-19 safety protocols. With this, we hope that soon we will defeat this virus and will demolish it successfully from planet earth. Till then stay safe and don’t go out until it’s very much required

All You Need To Know About Sputnik V Covid Vaccine

All You Need To Know About Sputnik V Covid Vaccine

In the middle of the pandemic crisis finally, India has approved the use of the Russian “Sputnik V” vaccine. As Indian originated 2 vaccines were already taking round and been pricked to too many people in various parts of the country. Still, there are many regions where the dose of vaccines is not available and so the Indian government was waiting for the Drugs Controller General of India’s final call on “Sputnik”.

Now that it has been approved hence it will be the third dose that will be used for treating the Coronavirus in India. It has been said that the Russian vaccine has an effectiveness of 91.6 percent. Dr. Reddy’s Lab has partnered with the RDIF to bring the Sputnik V vaccine to India and other countries.

How does it work?

Sputnik vaccine does use two adenoviruses, AD 5 and AD 26. This will target the spike of protein of the SARC Cov2 virus. Moreover, it can be stored at 2-8 degrees celsius. And this is what makes it convenient to use in India. And out of all the best thing is that the difference between two vaccines is 21 days apart – this will lead to faster vaccination drive too.

How safe is Sputnik Vaccine?

So far Russia developed COVID-19 vaccine has shown a great result with 91% of efficiency. It has been proved that it’s safe to use and the trial result showed a consistent strong protective effect across all participants.

What about other Countries?

Sri Lankas is in plan to buy 6 million more Sputnik Vaccines. In total they will be purchasing 13 million doses from Russia. Earlier in March Italy Health Minister also said that ” if a vaccine works & regulators will say that it’s safe to use then Italy will ready to collaborate with the Russian government”

By when it will be available in India?

The RDIF hopes to produce 850 doses in Indian per year. But for now, if a very limited number of doses will be available in India by the end of April. Taking about the figure, then approximately 10 crores of doses will get imported to India in the next 6 to 7 months to deal with the situation of the COVID-19 emergency.