In the middle of the pandemic crisis finally, India has approved the use of the Russian “Sputnik V” vaccine. As Indian originated 2 vaccines were already taking round and been pricked to too many people in various parts of the country. Still, there are many regions where the dose of vaccines is not available and so the Indian government was waiting for the Drugs Controller General of India’s final call on “Sputnik”.

Now that it has been approved hence it will be the third dose that will be used for treating the Coronavirus in India. It has been said that the Russian vaccine has an effectiveness of 91.6 percent. Dr. Reddy’s Lab has partnered with the RDIF to bring the Sputnik V vaccine to India and other countries.

How does it work?

Sputnik vaccine does use two adenoviruses, AD 5 and AD 26. This will target the spike of protein of the SARC Cov2 virus. Moreover, it can be stored at 2-8 degrees celsius. And this is what makes it convenient to use in India. And out of all the best thing is that the difference between two vaccines is 21 days apart – this will lead to faster vaccination drive too.

How safe is Sputnik Vaccine?

So far Russia developed COVID-19 vaccine has shown a great result with 91% of efficiency. It has been proved that it’s safe to use and the trial result showed a consistent strong protective effect across all participants.

What about other Countries?

Sri Lankas is in plan to buy 6 million more Sputnik Vaccines. In total they will be purchasing 13 million doses from Russia. Earlier in March Italy Health Minister also said that ” if a vaccine works & regulators will say that it’s safe to use then Italy will ready to collaborate with the Russian government”

By when it will be available in India?

The RDIF hopes to produce 850 doses in Indian per year. But for now, if a very limited number of doses will be available in India by the end of April. Taking about the figure, then approximately 10 crores of doses will get imported to India in the next 6 to 7 months to deal with the situation of the COVID-19 emergency.