Education fairs are organized worldwide to help and provide guidance to prospective students, seeking admissions abroad to pursue their graduation or masters. But it has been observed that students hesitate to attend such fairs. Reasons could be lack of awareness about education fairs, fear of registration fees, or fear of being fooled or false promises from colleges or universities. Looking to this The Helping Brother Trust took stand to spread awareness about education fairs and in their education events, they counsel and provide potential students with the best knowledge, guidance, information about college, universities, courses and even scholarships to fulfil their dream of studying abroad and get quality education.

Reasons to attend Education Fairs.

1. Seminars by Experts
Heads, counsellors, alumnus or official representatives from renowned universities and institutes established around the world come to attend The Helping Brother Trust’s education events and counsel students about career opportunities, courses or programs provided, procedures etc.
Also building a sense of surety and trust in students after they meet officials face to face.

2. Discover new courses and programs
As per the market demand educational institutions are constantly working in developing new courses or programs to meet specific requirements of employers. Such education fairs help in discovering those courses or programs which are suitable as per the requirements, capabilities, and potential of students. If student is open with options, then there are plenty of options available along with the regular known courses.
And students may also avail financial assistance provided under The Helping Brother Trust Scholarship Program and focus on studies without worrying of high and expensive tuition fees and cost of living in abroad.

3. Employment Opportunities
The Helping Brother Trust makes sure that awareness about the employment rights, working culture, labor laws of other countries is provided to the students, as it becomes necessary after completion of your education abroad. As students take up placements it become important for them to know all aspects of employment of their chosen country.
And experts from universities or institutes helps in guiding students about all necessary information to continue your professional career abroad. Also providing important tips to build a strong curriculum vitae and other important information on internships, trainings, certifications etc.

4. Best way of delivering complete guidance and counselling to the students
Through these education events experts provide full guidance and counselling to students related to admissions and procedures based on their potential and area of interest. And clear every single doubt and query of student. Experts make sure the attendees are satisfied with the information provided, hence personal one on one sessions are also arranged to get all doubts cleared.

5. More options (learn about Procedures, colleges and institutes, courses and programs, opportunities abroad etc)
Students fail to fulfil their dream of studying abroad due to lack of awareness due to which The Helping Brother Trust makes sure that students are made aware of each and every aspect including filling application, procedure of selection, eligibility criterion, placement opportunities, life abroad, part time working opportunity, scholarship programs etc.